Post-quarantine: what awaits you in the new reality

The events of 2020 have been disrupting the usual course of life for most people on the planet. What will happen to every one of us later? One can only speculate.

Analysts and economists provide evidence that the world will no longer be the same. Pandemic, unemployment, falling crude oil prices, closed borders and declining business activity are the results of temporary global isolation.


Russian experts believe that unemployment in the country will rise to 7%-10%. In the EU, the number of people without jobs can reach 60 million, and in the world — 1.6 billion people. Enterprises and companies lay off staff, firms declare bankruptcy, and the workers go on unpaid leave for an indefinite period of time. In America, 33 million people applied for unemployment benefits during the quarantine.

Fall in income

Those people who once specialized in trade, hospitality and transport, now calculate losses and accumulate debts. Employers around the world are cutting employee salaries, trying to save money on basic necessities.


The crisis is driving people out of economically weak regions to stronger ones, Moody’s analysts say. People around the world have clearly realized that the poverty pandemic is way more serious than the virus epidemic that originated in China.

People all over the world are looking forward to the end of the spread of the virus, but have difficulty imagining how to move on with their lives.


To get an idea of what your future will be like, you need to realistically evaluate the present and decide on the right steps to take. Every one of us is now considering a “back-up plan” and accessing the importance of a safety cushion.

The precious yellow metal is the reliable insurance against financial threats in our uncertain world. Financiers, analysts, economists advocate for the preservation of savings, advising to protect them with gold.

Gold has proven its worth at all times. Money has depreciated many times, while gold retained its value. This is the only precious metal that is recognized by all countries of the world. Leading central banks have long begun a race for gold and have been constantly building up stocks of valuable metal.

Can an ordinary person be protected from financial risks and the consequences of the crisis? Yes. There is one reliable and proven way — the purchase of gold.

Gold reserve

Money depreciates, banks freeze accounts, real estate loses value, meanwhile gold only rises in price.

Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network, believes that all people are now thinking about the future, striving to maintain their pre-crisis lifestyle and income level, leaving unpaid debts for the future generations to tackle. Mashinsky says that today one should buy more gold than before the pandemic. According to the expert, 25% of savings should be kept in gold after coronavirus is over.

The acquisition of gold will help you create your own financial reserve and personal gold stock. The precious metal will support you in difficult times, keeping your savings preserved.

The international GIG-OS platform offers you to buy gold safely, profitably and fast. The only thing that can protect you and your children in the future is your personal gold reserve.

Investment gold is accessible to everyone!




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