GoalSet Master: from desire to implementation

What is the main principle of success on the way to the goal?

The experience of hundreds of people who have reached major heights in business, science, sports and other areas shows that their most important skill is the ability to think systemically.

This means that they can subdivide their goal into many components and build a chain of interlinkages between them. As a result, the goal ceases to be an ordinary desire and appears as a system in which every element plays a unique role.

A special way of looking at things

Imagine that you are about to open a manufacturing enterprise. Hundreds of factors must be taken into account: the economic situation, the situation on the labor market, the desires and needs of potential customers, your financial capabilities, etc. You may lack some data or resources, but the ability to think systemically will allow you to determine the sequence in which you need to collect all the elements.

You establish that your products will be in demand on the market. But you have no means of production. So, the next logical step is to find an investor. But you do not have friends among wealthy investors. Many at this stage will get disappointed in their project and give up. However, a person with systemic mindset will pay attention to other fragments of the mosaic and discover the possibilities hidden in them.

You carefully examine the profiles of your friends on social media and find out that one of them works in the field of finance and has connections in business circles. This person helps you to find an investor, and also becomes your business partner. Your chances of success increase thanks to the ability to create links between elements of the system.

A skill that anyone can master

It would seem that everything described is quite simple and obvious. But in reality it can be very difficult to process a large amount of data and establish correct links between them.

Fortunately, there is a tool on the GIG-OS platform to help you handle this task. The GoalSet Master project was created for the systemic processing of any goal.

By using this tool, you will get a full picture of your goal and its components. You will understand how the different parts of the whole interact with each other and how to use them as efficiently as possible.

GoalSet Master will help you determine what resources are needed to achieve the result and where to get them. You will consider all the factors that contribute to speedy success. After working with GoalSet Master, it may turn out that your goal is much closer and way more attainable than you have previously thought.

Start thinking and acting systemically!




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