Examine your goal!

Different goals, different terms

Most people have goals. They can be short-term, hence can be met in 2–6 months, and long-term, the implementation of which can take a year or more. The latter may look like this:

  • gain financial independence;
  • get a new profession;
  • save up for retirement;
  • start a business;
  • pay for a child’s education.

But if the goal is way too global, the person can get confused. He/she does not understand how to proceed with its realization, pave a clear way and achieve the desired result.

Step by step

To achieve large-scale goals, it is more correct to divide them into small ones. This will help not to lose motivation and move towards the main result step by step.

Here are three simple tricks how to split goals:

1. By time

For example, if you want to reduce stress, meditate 20 minutes a day. If you are preparing for a sports marathon, train 2 hours a day.

2. By quantity

There are 362 chapters in Leo Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace”. To read the book in one year, you need to set yourself a goal of reading at least one chapter per day. But the minimum must be adhered to!

3. By action

To create a video course, you need to purchase the necessary software and learn how to use it. Then your progressive steps are: to choose a topic of the course and create a script for it.

Let’s summarize.

Setting global goals by dividing them into smaller ones gives an excellent motivational effect. When you reach one goal, albeit a small one, you will experience satisfaction and a willingness to move on. By conquering the near borders, you will gain strength and confidence to conquer the distant ones.

A unique tool that gives you a helping hand

Do you dream of achieving your goal faster and more efficiently? Do you want to learn how to divide the path to a big goal into small successful steps?

We offer you a one-stop assistant. The developers of the GIG-OS platform have created a new GoalSet Master tool that will help you thoroughly examine your goal inside out, analyze all the risks and opportunities to achieve the best result. With its help, you will change the vector of your thinking and clearly understand how to achieve the goal step by step.

Try the new tool and feel one step closer to your goal!

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